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Truth well told

I love being tasked with long-copy manifesto-type pieces. I love the build. And the longer-format is a rare opportunity to actually tell a story. I like it when even simple work can feel bigger than itself.  

'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all’
And how you tell that truth makes all the difference.
“Truth Well Told” has been McCann’s motto for 100 years.
And it’s been a guiding principal for Al Jazeera.
Personifying the fearlessness to present the truth…
… in thought-provoking ways.
In motivating ways.
In remarkable ways.

Together, we have some truths that need to be told.
About the virtues of unfiltered journalism and the courage in conviction.
Bringing back the truth in journalism isn’t a lofty goal.
It’s just what we’ll do.
And we’ll do it for the first time ever on American soil.
Not because the truth is sexy.
And not because the truth is good.
But because it’s all we know.

We are truth well told.

Let’s tell this story together.
McCann + Al Jazeera America.